Meet scUber

Meet scUber

Introducing a world first on the Great Barrier Reef

Uber and Queensland, Australia, gave riders the opportunity to explore the Great Barrier Reef in the world's first rideshare submarine, scUber.

From May 27 to June 17, 2019, this once-in-a-lifetime experience provided riders with an unfiltered view of an extraordinary underwater world, rich and diverse in marine life.

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Take a deep dive

Take a deep dive

It's the world-famous attraction that carries some sizeable tags – largest reef system and largest living organism on the planet – so it's no surprise that there are big experiences to be had on the Great Barrier Reef.

Here's what else makes it so great:


It represents approximately 10% of all coral reefs in the world.


The Great Barrier Reef is the size of about 70 million football fields.


It's the largest natural feature on Earth and is the only living structure that can be seen from the moon.


The Great Barrier Reef is home to the 'Great 8' marine encounters: whales, turtles, manta rays, clown fish, sharks, potato cod, Maori wrasse and the giant clam.

Map of Queensland Australia

The Reef is the world's largest and longest coral reef system, stretching for 2,300km from the tip of Cape York in the north to Bundaberg in the south. That's about the distance between New York and Dallas!


A World Heritage Area since 1981 and the world's first reef ecosystem to be recognised by UNESCO, the Great Barrier Reef is highly protected and one of the best-managed marine areas on Earth.

Protecting the Reef

The ongoing preservation and sustainable protection of the Great Barrier Reef is one of global importance. Uber is proud to announce its partnership with Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef to support their conservation initiatives for the world's largest ecosystem.

Uber donated $100,000 to Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef to help support their Reef conservation programs and will also donate the equivalent value of every scUber ride taken to this important organisation.

Learn more about the partnership and the conservation programs by Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef.